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One Second Though, I Would To Try It



Name : Muhamad Norhazim Md lizan
Nick : Zim,Bagak
Birthday : 25/11/95
Zodiac : Sagittarius
Hometown : Muar,Johor
Height : 170cm
Weight : 50 kg
Status : In Relationship
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Female Bullet Proof
02 Ogos 2010 | 0 comments
Conclusion since he heard the curse,
Surprise yourself from drowning dream,
As the light at the end of dark tunnel,
Love that poured like gold,
Not intend to cry tears flow,
Hasty rush to act is natural,
My body measures that constitute a message,
they are always eager to interfere,
and I flew with you,
You and me across the Milky Way,
not intended to weep tears flowed,
in a hurry to act is a natural rush,
just you one in millions thousands upon thousands of millions,
I'm jealous with you,
bullet proof Woman..

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